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  1. 元藝術館(游藝術)網站制作

    In Nov. 2014, Shi Li-Sanderson chose Berlin for her first experimental film production – the YOU art project. The film incorporates the study of the distinguished Chinese artist Zeng Fanzhi and shows the artist within the process of abstract painting. Over the 73 hour length of the complete film, the audience witnesses the exemplary processes within a contemporary artist’s studio, incorporating the research and development of an internationalised academic approach. This film itself reflects the practice of academic research, by studying the artist's painting process of the last 12 years, and under his concept of "YOU," which in Chinese means the highest attainment of freedom. This film entirely exposes many secret aspects that are usually hidden, including the artist's technique, lifestyle, as well as the ongoing struggles he experiences while a painting is undertaken. The artist gives his all to the audience, and aims to be true to whatever happens during the process of filming – it is a performance in painting. Shi believes that the production of the artwork is not solely about the finished object, but also a process of communication. Acclaimed director Philipp St?lzl was brought in byShi to realise the film – a 15 minute documentary based on the full film.



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